New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) is a network of almost 1,800 community and academic physicians in Massachusetts dedicated to providing comprehensive, high quality, and affordable care. Learn More

Programs & Services


We seek to provide better health and better care at a lower cost. This is the framework by which we measure network success.


At the heart of NEQCA’s efforts is the Quadruple Aim, a concept developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to guide healthcare providers to deliver the best care for a population while managing limited health care resources and dollars.


Inherent to the Quadruple Aim approach is the concept of Treating the Future,SM where NEQCA physicians are working with their patients to prevent diseases and complications, effectively improving their health and quality of life into the future. NEQCA provides our physicians with the resources they need to successfully face the challenges of the future health care system.


NEQCA has positioned itself as a value-driven network, delivering high quality and lower cost care. The network has many years of experience managing medical expense (utilization and costs), identifying opportunities and solutions for optimizing efficiency of quality local care.

Professional Provider Satisfaction

NEQCA is committed to improving the work life balance of our physicians by reducing administrative burdens and developing new programs to address these challenges.


  • Quality Improvement and Clinical Programs

    NEQCA’s Quality and Clinical Teams coordinate efforts to help the network achieve the Triple Aim goals of providing better health and better care, at a lower cost.

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  • NEQCA Medical Home Program

    The NEQCA Medical Home is led by the patient’s personal physician who works with a care team to coordinate continuous and comprehensive care.

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  • Practice Quality Coordinators Program

    Practice Quality Coordinators (PQCs) are assigned geographically to provide data, tools, and recommend best practices from around the network.  PQCs support enhanced access to physician practices by increasing their office’s ability to reach out to patients to remind them of appointments, tests, and follow up scheduling.

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  • Pharmaceutical Quality and Cost Management

    NEQCA pharmacists support patients in their medication adherence by developing preferred drug lists, providing the most cost-effective drug choices—reducing costs without sacrificing quality.

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  • Care Alliance Integrated Care Management

    One of NEQCA’s most successful models for managing medical utilization while improving quality is the Care Alliance Integrated Care Management model. 

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