Improve patient experience, quality of care and lower costs 

NEQCA's Quality Team coordinates efforts to help the network achieve the Quadruple Aim goals of providing better health, better care, lower cost and improved provider satisfaction. NEQCA deploys resources and programs necessary for network physicians to achieve these goals.

The NEQCA Quality Team provides patient experience assessments and support for practices, and Local Care Organizations (LCOs). Initial patient experience work focuses on changing the way “we” think about patient experience, with the primary focus being “patient experience is NOT patient satisfaction.” Positive patient experiences provide opportunities for our physicians to improve in quality and efficiency measures (e.g. access to care in the office helps to increase efficiency measures, such as ED visits). By providing education on key aspects of patient experience domains, and sharing data with physicians, we have been able to build relationships with practice leadership that have led to the implementation of innovative activities.

The cure for time-consuming prior authorizations and medication reviews 

Obtaining prior authorizations from insurers for prescription medications is a stressful, time-consuming process that’s often the bane of your staff’s existence. Optimizing prescription regimens, evaluating patient compliance, and performing high-cost medication efficiency analyses are other tasks for which you may not have enough time or the right resources.

With NEQCA’s Pharmaceutical Care and Cost Management program, you can hand off one or all of these functions to an expert team of pharmacy professionals who’ll manage them for you. As a result, you’ll save time and money, boost employee productivity, improve workflow, and enhance patient care, safety and satisfaction. 

Expert clinical support for managing high-risk patients

Providing appropriate care for complex high-risk patients can consume a disproportionate share of your practice’s time. NEQCA’s Care Management Program offers an evidence-based solution that saves you time and improves coordination of patient care. NEQCA’s care management team helps alleviate burdens on your practice by providing expert clinical support for these patients, many of whom struggle with complex chronic conditions.

Embedded within Care Management is NEQCA’s Behavioral Health offering that connects pediatric patients and their families to needed community resources and behavioral health services, increases use of preventive care, and reduces Emergency Room visits and hospital admissions. 

Deliver high quality care by optimizing your EHR

NEQCA's Healthcare Information Services (HIS) program is a strategic initiative designed to deliver high value care and provide a clinically-integrated platform that measures quality and performance.

To promote effective communications and engagement with patients, each EHR allows patients access to their health information from the internet through a secure Patient Portal. The Portal offers significant benefits for physicians and their patients. For physicians and their practices, the NEQCA Patient Portal provides the ability to securely communicate with their patients

Position your practice for optimal efficiency 

Accurate ICD-10 codes that reflect appropriate patient acuity levels are imperative and can lead to better clinical data and improved efficiency. Coding inaccurately, or without the required level of specificity, can create problems with your medical records and lead to incorrect reimbursements. NEQCA’s Medical Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement Program helps you avoid these risks. 


NEQCA Account Managers serve as a resource and main contact to our network Local Care Organizations (LCOs) by providing information, education and support to LCO management, physicians and practice staff. The Account Managers support our LCOs and physicians in achieving success in the efficiency and quality initiatives required of our various payor contracts. 

NEQCA has a robust performance reporting and informatics system including a patient registry, as well as a claims and clinical data warehouse.

NEQCA provides analytical services centrally and on-site at Local Care Organizations. These services include report development and data interpretation that delivers critical information to physicians to help them plan for patient visits by flagging those patients who have not met treatment goals across a various quality measures. NEQCA analysts identify areas to deliver care more efficiently and help inform strategies that will allow the network and its physicians to achieve clinical goals.

Contracting and Payor Relations manages contracts on behalf of NEQCA by leading the negotiations and managing the execution and implementation of managed care contracts and expanding contract opportunities for our network.