PediSouth, LCO, LLC is newest Local Care Organization to join NEQCA

January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014; NEQCA is pleased to welcome PediSouth LCO, LLC as its newest Local Care Organization (LCO).  PediSouth LCO consists of existing NEQCA members, Allied Pediatrics of Greater Brockton and Pediatric Associates, Inc. of Brockton, which have joined together in 2013 to create a new Local Care Organization.  As of the first of the year, Alan Bulotsky, MD & Associates, PC, a new NEQCA practice also joined PediSouth LCO.  Under this arrangement, each practice remains as before as its own independent business but the new PediSouth LCO allows them to share best practices for quality and efficiencies.  

Pediatric Associates, Inc. of Brockton consists of nine pediatricians at three locations; Allied Pediatric Associates of Greater Brockton consists of four pediatricians at three locations, and Alan Bulotsky, MD & Associates, PC consists of four pediatricians in one location, all supported by mid-level providers.  Dr. David Chung now serves as the Quality Medical Director and continues to serve as a NEQCA Board Member, and Marianne DeCunha is the LCO Administrator. 

PediSouth LCO practices have a demonstrated track record of providing outstanding clinical care and shares NEQCA’s commitment to achieving Triple Aim:  Better Health – Better Care – and Lower Cost for its patients.