Tufts Medical Center and NEQCA awarded the eHealth (eHI) Business Process Improvement Award

January 1, 2010

Tufts Medical Center and NEQCA were awarded the eHealth Initiative (eHI) Business Process Improvement Award.  
The award was presented to Dr. Jeffrey Lasker, CEO/CMO of NEQCA and Eric Beyer, CEO of Tufts Medical Center Physician Organization, at the eHealth Initiative 2010 Annual Conference and Awards Reception in Washington, DC on January 25, 2010.

NEQCA is very unique as one of the first physician networks to implement one system across community and academic  providers,  believing that a single EHR system across their entire network will help them to integrate and coordinate care better and achieve high patient experience.  NEQCA's focus on minimizing cost and practice disruption and on achieving their business strategy differentiated them for this award.