NEQCA Launches Clinician Satisfaction Survey

March 18, 2019

Burnout is present in up to 60% of physicians, which is two to three times more prevalent compared to the general population. Improving clinician satisfaction and combating physician burnout is a major priority at NEQCA and for our network affiliates. NEQCA leadership, along with leadership from across all 13 Local Care Organizations have identified clinician satisfaction as a main area of focus and a strategic priority for 2019.

As part of this focus, NEQCA launched the Clinician Satisfaction Survey, in partnership with the American Medical Association (AMA), to assess burnout among NEQCA’s primary care physicians. Working with the AMA provides NEQCA with useful benchmark data and analytic support that is needed to assess the level of burnout.

The NEQCA Clinician Satisfaction Survey is anonymous and consists of 24 questions. Based on survey results, NEQCA leadership will develop an action plan, while working with its already established Physician Wellbeing Workgroup, consisting of Network affiliates. “At NEQCA, we strive to excel at the Quadruple Aim Goals of Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost and Improved Clinician Satisfaction,” said Jatin Dave, MD, MPH, NEQCA Chief Medical Officer.

“Implementing the Clinician Satisfaction Survey is a step towards understanding the level of burnout among our primary care physicians. It will provide us with data on the level of burnout and its drivers to develop and implement a plan to address this prevalent issue.” For NEQCA primary care physicians who have not yet participated in the survey, please contact your NEQCA Account Manager.