NEQCA Endorses the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety

September 6, 2018

            No on 1

In the fall run-up to a controversial and highly-debated Massachusetts Ballot question, NEQCA has joined forces with and endorsed the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety.  

“The New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) enthusiastically endorses the efforts of the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety to educate voters about the dangerous consequences that would result from the passage of Question 1. As a patient-focused and physician-led network of more than 1,700 physicians across Eastern Massachusetts, we embrace the Quadruple Aim goals of Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost and Higher Clinician Satisfaction. If passed, we believe that Question 1 would make a negative impact in each of these areas. In addition to increasing costs to providers and patients, Question 1 would take critical nursing resources out of the community. Only very large institutions would be able to meet the government-imposed staffing ratios, limiting employment opportunities to the largest hospitals and requiring many talented and dedicated nurses to leave their community-based nursing jobs in small practices, schools and community health centers. We urge our affiliated practices and physicians – and their patients – to join us in our strong opposition to Question 1, and to take advantage of the educational materials available through the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety.” 

Joseph Frolkis MD, PhD, FACP, FAHA
President and CEO
New England Quality Care Alliance

You can learn more about the Coalition, become a supporter and order materials like signs and bumper stickers at