Introducing the NEQCA Delta Dashboard

June 12, 2018

What would you call a tool that reveals deltas in performance and opportunities for improvement and displays them through a series of interactive digital reports? We call it the NEQCA Delta Dashboard. It delivers the actionable data you’ve been asking for, along with a series of recommended ‘plays’ for improving Next Gen ACO contract performance. Powered by NEQCA’s investment in a new analytic platform called ISAAC, and with support from NEQCA’s reporting and clinical leadership teams, practices across our network will soon be able to improve future performance, based on predictive modeling algorithms. According to NEQCA Chief Medical Officer Jatin Dave, “This is a giant step forward for NEQCA, in terms of the types and levels of data we can now make available to our affiliates and how we work with them to use it. We’re moving from a more reactive mode to a more predictive position, and that’s exciting.” NEQCA Medical Director Isha Emhoff, who is leading the initiative, is equally enthusiastic. “It’s great to be able to deliver this type of support to our practices, and it helps to reinforce two of our core values: investing in the latest health care technologies and performing well in a competitive and outcomes-driven managed care environment. The NEQCA Delta Dashboard will be introduced to practices in phases over the coming months. If you’re a NEQCA affiliate and are interested in learning more about what it can do for your practice, contact Isha Emhoff.