Announcing The Wellforce Clinically Integrated Network

July 2, 2021

There are no limits to what physicians can do when we come together to make change happen.

For the past six months, we physicians have been meeting to find common ground on how to successfully build healthier communities and sustainable physician practices. We have explored the challenges that are shared across our region and networks. As a group, we debated methods to mobilize physicians and architect a Network capable of delivering meaningful, sustainable, and distinctive value for physicians, patients, and communities.

Today, we are pleased to announce the formation of a single population health and value-based care contracting entity that builds upon the best of Lowell General PHO and New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA).

We are calling ourselves the Wellforce Clinically Integrated Network (Wellforce CIN) for the time being, while Wellforce continues its work to introduce a unified brand across our health system. Our new Network embraces primary care and specialist physicians, in private and employed practices, working as community and academic providers. Our aim is to improve community wellbeing and to create healthy, rewarding experiences for our physicians.

The Chair of the Board of our new Network is Dr. Michele Crage and the Vice Chair is Dr. David Pickul. Other Physician Trustees include Drs. David Criss, Dan Driscoll, Mark Gilchrist, Karen Freund, Kelli Kennedy, and Peter Roman. In addition, Jody White of Circle Health will serve as a Trustee. We are confident that as these leaders start working together you will experience something new, while continuing to enjoy the benefits that have set NEQCA and Lowell General PHO apart for many years.

The broad outlines of the new Network were shared with you at our recent Forums. More details will come your way as the Board becomes active. In the interim, please reach out to us or to Emily Young, Interim Network President.

Your voice matters as we stand-up this new Network. We are looking for broad and active engagement from participating physicians as we take ownership over the success of this new venture.


With appreciation,

Craig Best, MD

Michele Crage, MD

David Criss, MD

Dan Driscoll, MD

Karen Freund, MD

Bill Galvin, MD

Mark Gilchrist, MD

Ted Herwig, MD

Michael Jiser, MD

Kelli Kennedy, MD

Frank Osborn, MD

Tushar Patel, MD

David Pickul, MD

Peter Roman, MD