28 Physicians and Administrators graduate from NEQCA’s Leadership Academy

June 21, 2019

Physician and administrative leaders are frequently put in positions without adequate training in the skills necessary for their success. The related skill gaps can undermine performance and professional satisfaction. 

The NEQCA Leadership Academy was established in 2018 as a “best-in-class” program to strengthen the leadership capabilities of current and emerging leaders. Program facilitator
Tanya Chermak, MBA, has helped hundreds of physician and administrative leaders apply what they’ve learned to achieve organizational, professional and personal goals. A total of 28 physicians and administrators in our second cohort successfully earned certificates of completion from the Academy on Saturday, June 8. Our 2019 graduates attended a six-session, CME-eligible program featuring these topics:

  • Becoming A Transformational Leader, Kevin O’Connor, American Assoc. of Physician Leaders
  • Negotiations, Robert Bordone, Professor at Harvard Law
  • Performance Management, Marty Martin, PhD, American Assoc. of Physician Leaders
  • Adaptive Leadership, Val Ulstad, MD, MPA, MPH, Partners at Cascade Bluff
  • Financial Intelligence, Joe Knight, MBA, Business Intelligence Institute
  • The Resilient Physician, Wayne Sotile, PhD, Sotile Center for Resilience

One way NEQCA differentiates itself from other physician networks is by our strong commitment to physician leadership. The Academy is a way to develop leadership necessary to sustain our Network and its high-performing culture, and to develop new, cross-LCO relationships that provide a platform for best-practice sharing and increased collegiality.

Congratulations to the Graduates:

  • Bindiya Thakkar, MD - Hallmark Health, PHO
  • Michael Papasodoro - Hallmark Health, PHO
  • Caryl Beison - Hallmark Health, PHO
  • Srinivas Bodapati, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates, IPA
  • Karishma Patel, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates, IPA
  • Melissa McCormack, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates, IPA
  • Richard Ruben, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates, IPA
  • Wendy Mitchell, MD - Lowell General PHO
  • Connaught Guiney - MassBay Medical Associates, LLC
  • George Cuchural, MD - MassBay Medical Associates, LLC
  • Tiffany Kolniak, MD - MetroWest Healthcare Alliance, Inc.
  • Saraswathi Muppana, MD - Milton Primary Care, LLC
  • Haili Dunbar, PA-C - Milton Primary Care, LLC
  • Liam Jette, MD - Milton Primary Care, LLC
  • Shaheen Mian, MD - Milton Primary Care, LLC
  • Casey Brazell - NEQCA Central
  • Erin DiBacco - NEQCA Central
  • Candace Perry - NEQCA Central
  • Jennifer Johnson - NEQCA Central
  • Pauline Chao, MD - Primary Care Medical Associates
  • John Adams, MD - Primary Care Medical Associates
  • Abdulfatah Elshaar, MD - Primary Care Medical Associates
  • Andrew Gerardi - Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization
  • Jennifer Murzycki, MD - Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization
  • Laura Aboitiz, Rabideau, MD - Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization
  • Erik von Hahn, MD - Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization
  • Eric Mahoney, MD - Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization
  • Joshua Leader, MD - Woburn Pediatrics

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