Last updated 1/25/2021

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PLEASE NOTE: Information on this website is intended for members of the NEQCA Network. Individuals (patients) seeking COVID-19 health information should consult their primary care physicians or visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Vaccine Administration Guide For NEQCA Medical Practices

1. Vaccine Eligibility: Phase timeline and DPH website

2. Information About the Vaccine

In this section:

A. Information for Health Care Professionals

B. Information for Patients

3. Information About the Vaccination Process

In this section:

A. Vaccination for your practice personnel

B. Deciding whether your practice can/should administer COVID-19 vaccine

C. Getting set-up to administer COVID-19 vaccine in your office

D. Dosing and administration

E. Communicating with your patients about COVID-19 vaccination

4. NEQCA Central Support For Your Practice

In this section:

A. Answer Center for NEQCA providers and practice personnel

B. Webinars

C. Briefings

5. Where Your Patients May Receive COVID-19 Vaccine