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 Last updated: 9/30/2021

The Tufts Medicine Clinically Integrated Network (formerly NEQCA) continues to monitor the respiratory disease COVID-19. We encourage you to use this page as a resource to to ensure you have the latest information.

Our priorities remain providing clinical support for our LCO leadership and Network providers with COVID-19 protocols and telehealth, operational support to help our practices safely and effectively ramp-up practice operations, economic support to assist our practices in weathering the financial impact of COVID-19, and emotional support because the pandemic is taking a toll on everyone, especially caregivers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Information on this website is intended for members of the WCIN Network. Individuals (patients) seeking COVID-19 health information should consult their primary care physicians or visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Programs For Our Network

Please visit the Tufts Medicine Clinically Integrated Network website for the latest news and webinars.



Now Available On Demand:  

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  • Tufts Medicine Webinar: Understanding the role of vaccines in control of a novel coronavirus pandemic featuring H. Cody Meissner, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Tufts Medical Center. Visit the Tufts Medicine Webinar Series website for details.
  • Tufts Medicine COVID-19 UpdateTesting, Re-infection, Protecting Health Care Workers in the Ambulatory Setting, and Morefeaturing Ben Kruskal, MD, NEQCA and Adam Weston, MD, Lowell General Hospital. Visit the Tufts Medicine Webinar Series website for details.


Clinician Wellbeing Resources

Remember to care for yourself during this stressful time. Visit our Clinician Wellbeing page for expert guidance and recommended resources.


Statistics and Expert Resources

Various Visualizations of State and National and COVID-19 Numbers 

COVID-19 Cases in Mass: Mass DPH (Data)

Global and National impact: Centers for Disease Control

Situation in Massachusetts: Massachusetts Department of Public Health

COVID-19 Resource Center: Infectious Diseases Society of America 

Stay Informed: Enroll in MDPH COVID-19 Text Notifications


COVID-19 Treatment Study

Researchers at Tufts Medical Center are asking for NEQCA’s collaboration in recruitment of participants for the Niclosamide for Patients with Mild to Moderate Disease from Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) study.

The study offers patients diagnosed with COVID-19 an opportunity to participate in a COVID-19 treatment study from the comfort of their home, using a combination of a telehealth platform and home delivery of study materials.

Individuals are eligible to enroll within 72 hours of receiving a positive COVID-19 PCR test result.

Please visit this web listing to learn more about the study.

Please contact Phil Oettgen at coettgen@tuftsmedicalcenter.org who can assist in ordering Tufts IRB approved study brochures and posters

Clinical Guidelines and Tools 

Protecting Pregnant Women and Their Infants From COVID-19

List of COVID-19 Resources for Organizations Working with Persons Who Use Drugs or Have Substance Use Disorder

Tips on safe office practice care during the era of COVID-19 from the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety

CDC slide presentation on Long COVID-19 Symptoms start or lasting long after acute infection 1.28.2021

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Now Available at Tufts Medical Center - December 9, 2020 

Updated Quarantine Guidance from The Massachusetts Department of Public Health - November 20, 2020

Increase in positive lead screens despite decrease in screening rates since the COVID-19 Pandemic began

Influenza Vaccinations – Overview, Procurement, and Availability -  August, 2020

Now available: Free COVID-19 screening tool for your practice’s employees

VIDEO: How to safely cover your face outside of the home – May 18, 2020

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Testing (PCR and antibody)

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Bulk Purchasing Opportunity -- Massachusetts Hospital Association, in collaboration with PPE.Exchange, is offering another bulk-purchasing opportunity to assist providers in acquiring N95 masks, as well as single-use surgical masks. NEQCA providers who have signed-up for PPE.Exchange are eligible to participate in this bulk-ordering opportunity. If your practice is interested in joining PPE.Exchange to purchase PPE and/or to join this bulk ordering opportunity, please review attached memo or contact Matt Madara, NEQCA Team Lead.

Guidelines and Algorithms

Post-Acute and Home Care

Advanced Care Planning and Palliative Support

Practice Reactivation Guidelines

NEQCA has developed guidelines to help our Network safely and effectively ramp-up practice operations. Please visit this section regularly for new and updated information.

If you have specific concerns that impact your ability to see patients in the office, please click here to tell us how we may assist you.

Posters and Signage

 Medical Practice Sustainability

Telehealth Services 

NEQCA, in coordination with Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Medicine is now offerring Network practices the opportunity to provide telehealth services. Interested providers will receive training and support to successfully conduct virtual visits with their patients. Click here for telehealth resources, tutorials and upcoming programs. 

Mass Lawmakers Extend Telehealth Rate ParityBoston Globe - December 22, 2020

HHS Telehealth Expansion for Certain COVID-19 Care Across State Lines - On December 3, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced an expansion of telehealth policy that would allow physicians and other providers to administer certain COVID-19-related services via telehealth across state lines.The covered countermeasures are specific to COVID-19 care and include, for example, diagnostic tests that received emergency use authorization from the FDA or antivirals, drugs, or biologics to treat, prevent, cure, or limit the harm of COVID-19. Notably, the amendment preempts state laws prohibiting telehealth across state lines. 


Broad Strategies to Combat COVID-19

Use of SARS CoV 2 testing on sewage to monitor community prevalence


Resources for our Patients

COVID-19 Clinical Resources

Coronavirus Self-Checkers: Do You Need Medical Care?

Patient information sheet about Covid-19 testing: Web version with clickable links, Print version - April 14, 2020

CDC 10 Things You Can Do to Manage Yourself at Home


Other Resources


Clinician Wellbeing Resources 


Recorded Webinars, Presentations and Video

COVID-19 Updates / Second Wave

  • COVID-19 Update and Patient Prioritization and Outreach Strategy Presentation and Webinar - September 3, 2020
  • COVID-19 Update featuring Dr. Andrew Strand: Presentation and Webinar - August 12, 2020
  • COVID-19 Update: Preparing for a Second Wave Presentation and Webinar - August 6, 2020

Practice Reactivation

COVID-19 Updates / First Wave



Resources For The Workplace