NEQCA, in coordination with Tufts Medical Center and Wellforce is offerring Network practices the opportunity to provide telehealth services. Interested providers will receive training and support to successfully conduct virtual visits with their patients.


NEW: NEQCA Assistance with Telehealth: Short-List of HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Vendors - June 10, 2020 (Version 1)  


Coding and Billing for Telehealth

Clinical Resources

Operational Resources

For Patients

American Well (Amwell) Resources

  • Using American Well (Amwell) Telehealth FAQ
  • Tutorials for Providers

    How to schedule an appointment

    Tutorials for Patients

    • VIDEO: Installing Amwell smartphone (Android/iPhone/iPad) app

    • VIDEO and Documentation: Using Amwell on a desktop/laptop with webcam, microphone and speaker

    Webinars and Presentations

    Tips for Telehealth Success with Drs. Davis Bu (Adult PCP), Sheila Morehouse (Pediatric PCP) and Bindiya Thakkar (Endocrinologist): Webinar - April 15, 2020