Data and Informatics

NEQCA has a robust performance reporting and informatics system including a patient registry, as well as a claims and clinical data warehouse.

NEQCA provides analytical services centrally and on-site at Local Care Organizations. These services include report development and data interpretation that delivers critical information to physicians to help them plan for patient visits by flagging those patients who have not met treatment goals across a various quality measures. NEQCA analysts identify areas to deliver care more efficiently and help inform strategies that will allow the network and its physicians to achieve clinical goals.

NEQCA utilizes the Informatics analysts to build dashboard reporting to inform Local Care Organization leadership of current and past performance, identify areas that represent opportunities for improvement, and to keep up to date on progress towards quality improvement goals.

Using health plan claims data, NEQCA analysts can measure and stratify risk profiles of its patient population the same way across all health plans, which often have their own methods for predicting the relationship to costs and disease states. This allows physicians and care managers the ability to target interventions for the most serious patients and improve the quality of the care they receive across the entire population of patients.