Practice Advancement

Develop and Implement Sustainable Practice Workflows

NEQCA’s Practice Advancement Program objective is to help practices make targeted improvements to measurably impact patient and provider engagement, while optimizing contract performance.  Identifying these opportunities we believe will ultimately help the network achieve Quadruple Aim goals of providing better health, better care, lower cost and improved patient and provider satisfaction. 

The Practice Advancement Team (PAT) is comprised of Practice Consultants with several years of experience working collaboratively with our NEQCA Medical Directors and Local Care Organizations (LCOs) and physician practices to identify challenges or areas impacting performance and then develop a plan to improve. The Practice Consultants utilize quality improvement methodologies such as, LEAN, PDSA and Best Practice sharing with each physician office they support to ensure proper utilization of workflows to review and improve.

How are the Practice Advancement Projects Determined?

The PAT develops or receives (from and LCO/Practice) a proposal and evaluates both the qualitative and quantitative data as part of the review. The team also looks for the proposals to contain some but not all of the following components: alignment with the quadruple aim as well as with strategic Network and LCO priorities, data to support the project, willingness at the practice, cost efficiency, etc.  NEQCA Clinical and Local Care Organization (LCO) Leadership will work together to review meaningful project proposals and identify specific practices that the team will work with to help improve performance. A major tenet of the Practice Advancement Program is transparency. The Practice Consultants will continually meet with NEQCA Clinical and Performance Leadership for guidance, in addition to reporting progress to the LCO(s)/Practice(s).

How You Benefit By Adopting This Program

Targeted performance improvement workflows developed and supported by a team of experienced Practice Consultants and Clinical Leaders Practice involved with workflow solution to ensure sustainability Practice improvements tied to drivers of contract performance and LCO priorities.