Pharmaceutical Care and Cost Management

The cure for time-consuming prior authorizations and medication reviews 

PharmacyObtaining prior authorizations from insurers for prescription medications is a stressful, time-consuming process. Optimizing prescription regimens, evaluating patient compliance, and performing high-cost medication efficiency analyses are other tasks for which you may not have enough time or the right resources.

With NEQCA’s Pharmaceutical Care and Cost Management program, you can hand off one or all of these functions to an expert team of pharmacy professionals who’ll manage them for you. As a result, you’ll save time and money, boost employee productivity, improve workflow, and enhance patient care, safety and satisfaction. 

How You Benefit By Adopting This Program

The prior authorization component earns high remarks from physicians and their office staff because it consistently delivers these important benefits:

  • Accelerates the prior authorization process, dramatically reducing approval times and speeding your patients’ time to treatment
  • Improves workflow, freeing clinicians and staff to focus on other important duties
  • Saves money for your practice by increasing employee productivity
  • Enhances patient care and safety by providing an advocate to assist in getting the right authorizations
  • Increases patient satisfaction by reducing wait times

The medication review component also delivers meaningful advantages to your practice:

  • Controls direct cost by optimizing prescription regimens and identifying inappropriate medication utilization and potential low cost alternatives to high cost medications
  • Increases patient safety by enhancing the potential for patient compliance and reducing the risk of medication complications or interactions
  • Enhances quality of care by helping you reduce medication regimen complexity, identify specific tests to obtain, and address adherence issues
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