Medical Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement

Position your practice for optimal efficiency 

Medical Coding & CDI

Accurate ICD-10 codes that reflect appropriate patient acuity levels are imperative and can lead to better clinical data and improved efficiency. Coding inaccurately, or without the required level of specificity, can create problems with your medical records and lead to incorrect reimbursements. NEQCA’s Medical Coding and CDI Program helps you avoid these risks. 


How You Benefit By Adopting This Program

Following an in-house coding process and workflow assessment, NEQCA’s Coding team will conduct hands-on training sessions for you, other providers in your practice and your coding staff. The education and insights provided by this program take the guesswork out of coding, positioning your practice for optimal patient budgeting. That means:

  • Improved peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re coding correctly and reducing risks for your patients and your practice
  • More money for your practice, as higher efficiency scores can contribute to larger settlement amounts
  • Fewer claim denials and less paperwork involved in justifying claims

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