Care Management

Expert clinical support for managing high-risk patients

Care Management Providing appropriate care for complex high-risk patients can consume a disproportionate share of your practice’s time. NEQCA’s Care Management Program offers an evidence-based solution that saves you time and improves coordination of patient care. NEQCA’s care management team helps alleviate burdens on your practice by providing expert clinical support for these patients, many of whom struggle with complex chronic conditions.

Embedded within Care Management is NEQCA’s Behavioral Health offering that connects pediatric patients and their families to needed community resources and behavioral health services, increases use of preventive care, and reduces Emergency Room visits and hospital admissions. 

How You Benefit By Adopting This Program 

With Care Management, you are better able to manage your complex patients, improve their health, and keep them out of the hospital. With our nurse care managers on your side, you’ll:

  • See improved patient adherence to treatment goals and clinical outcomes
  • Make the most of your valuable time and boost your productivity since you’re not solely responsible for managing your most complex patients, freeing you to focus on other patients in your panel
  • Lower healthcare costs by reducing Emergency Room visits and readmissions
  • Optimize reimbursement by meeting quality care measures and achieving better outcomes

With Behavioral Health, you give your patients timely, streamlined access to behavioral health services. Working with our social workers, you’ll:

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety for your pediatric patients and their families
  • Speed the time to appropriate treatment for young patients with behavioral health needs
  • Help keep patients out of the emergency room by ensuring patients obtain necessary behavioral health interventions and care
  • Get connected to pediatric psychopharmacologists who can provide evaluations and prescribe psychiatric medications you may not be comfortable prescribing for patients with mental health issues
  • Free up time to focus on your patients’ medical needs instead of spending time navigating the mental health system

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