Arcadia Population Health

NEQCA’s population health management programs – such as pharmaceutical cost management and care management support for high-risk patients – have delivered quantifiable benefits for both patients and providers since 2009.

The NEQCA Board of Trustees unanimously voted in 2019 to enhance our Network’s capability to excel in value-based care by adopting the Arcadia population health management platform.

The decision to choose Arcadia followed a comprehensive multi-year review of leading population health tools. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Arcadia has experience connecting to many of the electronic health records in use throughout our Network, including Epic.  Arcadia offers a suite of tools to help us aggregate, analyze and act on data at the point-of-care in ways that will positively impact patients and drive contract value. Additionally, Arcadia is nationally recognized for its best-in-class customer service.


Building a robust platform

NEQCA, in collaboration with representatives from our Local Care Organizations (LCOs), has made great strides on its Arcadia implementation journey.  Workgroups have focused on different aspects of the Arcadia adoption, including Care Management, Quality, Data Integration and Reporting.

How Arcadia helps primary care physicians

  • Brings together claims and EHR data
  • Shows summary of performance on each metric
  • Enables comparison to peers
  • Allows drill-down to patient lists to identify and address gaps
    • Quality metrics
    • Risk adjustment
  • Easy access to care management
  • Automated outreach to groups of patients via text and phone
  • Pre-visit planning

How Arcadia helps Local Care Organizations

  • Enables assessment of LCO performance within the NEQCA Network and practice performance within each LCO
  • Helps identify areas of focus for LCOs and individual practices
  • Equips PCPs with patient-level information previously unavailable to them
  • Much shorter claims lag and availability of EHR data reduce discrepancies


Arcadia training for LCO Leaders

All LCO Medical Directors and Administrators are strongly encouraged to participate in the Arcadia training sessions outlined below.  Each unit will include:

  • Overview of functionality/navigation,
  • Review of pre-developed reports/lists, and
  • Performing real-time “self-study” using use-case scenarios

Arcadia Training – LCO Leaders

Description of Training session

Session 1 (Morning option)

Session 2 (Midday option)

Overview and Introduction into Cost and Utilization

Review Avoidable ED Visits and Readmission; Accessing Membership Rosters

Wednesday, March 31

Thursday, April

Quality Measures

Review overall performance and how to identify gaps

Wednesday, April 14

Friday, April 16

Updated: Operational Tools

How to enhance engagement and buy-in

Wednesday, April 28

Thursday, April 29

Reviewing the ‘New’ Standard Reporting Package

Review how the look and distribution of the Standard Reporting Package will change


Thursday, May 13

Risk Adjustment

Review LCO and Provider level risk scores, prevalence rates, and recapture rates

Wednesday, May 26

Thursday, May 27

Care Management

Review Care Management workflow and how to access completed assessments

Wednesday, June 9

Thursday, June 10

First 2021 Standard Reporting Package

Review the 2020 year-end and first 2021 Standard Reporting Package

Wednesday, June 23

Thursday, June 24



Wednesday, June 30

Thursday, July 1