Focus on Physician Leadership: Get to Know Dan Driscoll, MD

November 29, 2017

You've served on the NEQCA Board of Trustees for several years and recently assumed the role of Board Chair. What interested you about this leadership position?

I’ve enjoyed my time on the Board and have been very impressed by NEQCA’s leadership team. As Chair, I hope to help advance our organization’s vision. As a practicing physician, I understand the need to have a patient-centered approach while also considering the stressors on our systems and providers.

What are some of the qualities you've admired most about prior NEQCA Board Chairs you've served with?

I admired the understated eloquence of Ted Herwig, the educator and down-to-earth family practitioner, and I was impressed by the grit and vision of Michele Crage. I found both Ted and Michele to have true integrity.

When you think about areas in which NEQCA is uniquely positioned to lead, which of these areas rise to the top of the list?

NEQCA is a high value network, which is uniquely attuned to providing some degree of provider autonomy and a strong commitment to focusing on provider satisfaction and quality of life.

What are some of the natural tensions that exist within a network like NEQCA? And what is the role of the Board of Trustees in leading the organization through them?

We’re all here to keep patients healthy, so when there’s tension in the system, we need to focus on the care of our patients. Within NEQCA, our Local Care Organizations (LCO) have varying memberships and constituencies. The LCO structure allows for some local control of funds flow and management structure to best serve the needs of the local patient population within the local infrastructure. At the same time, we’re all part of a network, and our Board must work to keep the vision and goals of the overall network at the forefront.

How would people you work with describe your leadership style?

I’m an optimist. I have faith that patients will receive more cost effective, and higher quality evidenced –based care over time. So as a leader, I have two roles: evangelizing this belief to my team(s) and finding the small, specific steps to get us closer. My work as a local physician has convinced me that big changes often come in many small steps.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’ve been involved with the St. Rock Haiti Foundation for eight years and serve as a board member and trip leader. I visit the St. Rock Centre de Sante in the foothills above Carrefour every year for a week of patient care, and in support of our incredible Haitian medical director and staff. Over the years, I’ve been able to have three of my children (including Johnny, pictured below) visit with me and engage them in the good work we do for the community in healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Dan Driscoll with Son


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