NEQCA is a partnership of community and academic physicians dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative, high quality, and affordable health care that brings value to their patients and the community, and expands the teaching and research mission of Tufts Medical Center.


NEQCA’s strategic vision is to be the preferred physician network in the region.  With a focus on fostering relationships with community hospitals, and enabling community and academic physicians to thrive in a data-driven environment, NEQCA seeks to be a leader in the delivery of innovative, high quality, effective care.

  • To lead in the delivery of innovative, high quality and effective care and service and create a competitive market alternative by sharing value with consumers, employers, and insurers. 
  • To provide a structure that enables community and academic physicians and hospitals to thrive in a quality and data demand environment.
  • To create and foster relationships with community hospitals, primary and specialty care physicians that possess similar ideals. 
  • To meet provider and market demands by being on the leading edge of the eHealth/IT curve by providing practical IT solutions.  
  • To position ourselves as the preferred network in the region, that physicians and other providers want to be part of. 

Core Values

NEQCA prides itself on its values of: 

  • Balancing physician autonomy with network needs
  • Keeping “local care local”
  • Providing a significant physician voice in the governance of the organization
  • Investing in the latest health care technologies
  • Performing in a competitive and outcomes driven managed care environment