The majority of NEQCA’s Board of Trustees seats are held by community physicians. The Board also includes a community hospital seat, an independent seat and academic trustees to ensure the inclusion of crucial voices in discussions.

Community Physician Trustees

  • Alain Chaoui, MD – Congenial Healthcare, LLC
  • Jenny S. Chiang, MD - MetroWest Health Care Alliance
  • Michele Crage, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates IPA
  • David Criss, MD - Hallmark Health 
  • Robert D’Agostino, MD - Primary Care Medical Associates 
  • Dan Driscoll, MD - Milton Primary Care LLC
  • Eric Henrikson, MD - Hallmark Health
  • Kelli Kennedy, MD - Healthcare South
  • Kanu Patel, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates IPA
  • Eric Silverman, MD - MetroWest Health Care Alliance 
  • Mark Singh, MD - Milton Primary Care LLC
  • Dhiren Sutaria, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates IPA

Independent Trustee

  • Robert Porter, JD, MBA – MEDI Leadership

Community Hospital Trustee 

  • Michael Newman, MD - Hallmark Health PHO

Academic Trustees

  • Karen Freund, MD - Tufts MC PO Representative/Physician 
  • Craig Best, MD - Tufts MC PO Representative/Physician 
  • Stanley Goldstein - Non-Physician Tufts MC Board Trustee

Ex-Officio Trustees

  • Michael Tarnoff, MD - Tufts Medical Center CEO and President 
  • Joseph Frolkis, MD - NEQCA CEO and President
  • Laura Baecher-Lind, MD, MPH  - A physician designated by the President/CEO of Tufts MC