Tufts Medicine CIN Board of Trustees

The Tufts Medicine Clinically Integrated Network is governed by a 12-person Board of Trustees comprising eight practicing primary care and specialty physicians. The Chair of the Board is Dr. Michele Crage. Additional Physician Trustees include Drs. David Criss, Dan Driscoll, Mark Gilchrist, Karen Freund, Kelli Kennedy, and Peter Roman. Four other Trustees include a Tufts Medicine hospital representative (Jody White, CEO of Circle Health), an independent Trustee (to be named), and two ex officio Trustees: Tufts Medicine’s Chief Physician Executive (Dr. Michael Wagner) and Clinically Integrated Network President (Emily Young, Interim President).

NEQCA Legacy Advisory Committee

The Tufts Medicine CIN Board has several Committees to support decision-making, including a Finance & Funds Flow Committee, Performance & Quality Committee, Nominating & Governance Committee, and two Legacy Advisory Committees (one for NEQCA, one for Lowell General Physician Hospital Organization).

The purpose of the NEQCA Legacy Advisory Committee is to monitor the run-out of payer contracts established prior to the Tufts Medicine CIN’s launch in July 2021. The following former NEQCA Board members now serve as Legacy Advisors to assure continuity and consistency in the application of previously approved population health and funds flow methodologies.


Community Physician Trustees

Alain Chaoui, MD – Congenial Healthcare, LLC

Jenny S. Chiang, MD - MetroWest Health Care Alliance

* Michele Crage, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates IPA

* David Criss, MD - Hallmark Health

Robert D’Agostino, MD - Primary Care Medical Associates 

* Dan Driscoll, MD - Milton Primary Care LLC

Eric Henrikson, MD - Hallmark Health

* Kelli Kennedy, MD - Healthcare South

Kanu Patel, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates IPA

Eric Silverman, MD - MetroWest Health Care Alliance 

Mark Singh, MD - Milton Primary Care LLC

Dhiren Sutaria, MD - Highland Healthcare Associates IPA


Independent Trustee

Robert Porter, JD, MBA – MEDI Leadership


Community Hospital Trustee 

Michael Newman, MD - Hallmark Health PHO


Academic Trustees

* Karen Freund, MD - Tufts MC PO Representative/Physician  

Stanley Goldstein - Non-Physician Tufts MC Board Trustee


Ex-Officio Trustees

* Michael Wagner, MD - Chief Physician Executive 

* Emily Young - Interim President

Laura Baecher-Lind, MD, MPH


* Trustee of the Tufts Medicine Clinically Integrated Network Board