NEQCA is committed to improving the work life balance and wellbeing of our clinicians by reducing administrative burdens and developing new programs to address these challenges. NEQCA’s Clinician Wellbeing and Satisfaction Council was established following a review of the findings from a 2019 NEQCA Clinician Satisfaction Survey. Council members serve as advisors, champions, ambassadors and catalysts for wellbeing throughout our Network. The Council is chaired by Dr. Andrew Chandler of Hallmark Health Medical Associates/Tufts MC Community Care in Somerville. Council membership is open to any interested clinician in the NEQCA Network, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians.

This page offers expert guidance and recommended resources, to help understand physician burnout and maintain emotional health and wellbeing. 


Physician Health Services

Virtual Self-Care Group

Virtual Self-Care Group is a twice-weekly free and confidential support to physicians, facilitated by licensed PHS professionals Tuesday and Thursdays from 6-7 pm.

  • If interested, please email:
  • For consultations on the fly, or in depth, assistance with burnout and self-care techniques, and referrals, call: 781-434-7404 


COVID-19 Wellbeing Resources

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HelpGuide's mission is to provide research-driven, impartial tools and information to help readers strengthen their mental and emotional health, improve their relationships, and take charge of their lives. HelpGuide now serves over 65 million people a year– free to all, and free of advertising or corporate influences.

The Happy MD offers a set of field-tested resources to help prevent physician burnout and build an ideal practice along the way. Register (no charge) and get instant access. provides fourteen guided meditation exercises aimed to decrease stress and increase health and well-being, as well as resources to aid in improving office efficiency to reduce burnout.



  1. acponline.orgRead about American College of Physicians (ACP)’s ongoing commitment to improve physician well-being and personal Satisfaction
  2. ACP’s initiative to put patients before paperwork
  3. Stanford School of Medicine website to promote physician health and resiliency. Many self-assessments available
  4. AMA Steps Forward modules, with multiple strategies for reducing burnout and returning joy to medicine
  5. National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience 
  6. Institute for Healthcare Improvement offers information on turning burnout to engagement and finding joy in practice
  7. American Academy of Family Physicians Member Resources 
  8. Social media’s leading physician voice Keven Pho, MD practicing internist and powerful social media presence provides a public face for the issues facing health care providers and policy makers.The physician tab in particular has discussions from many experts in physician burnout, suicide, resilience and empathy
  9. Zubin Damania, MD is a self described physician, off white rapper and founder of turntable health offering primary care in Las Vegas, NV whose videos on medical care and the medical system are a hilarious break for patients and burnt out physicians alike.


Recordings and Videos


MedPEP: Free anti-burnout podcast from Massachusetts Medical Society’sPhysician Health Services. 

MedPEP, the Medical Professionals’ Empowerment Program, is a free podcast series exploring ways for you to stay well and reduce your risk of burnout. MedPEP’s star, Marie Curious, MD (a pseudonym), is an early career primary care internist who is already thinking about leaving the profession she loves. Dr. Curious joins Les Schwab, MD, a PCP and physician coach, to consult a series of professionals who offer practical techniques to help her survive and thrive in today’s medical environment. Their territory includes nutrition, physical activity, working with difficult colleagues, dealing with bureaucracy and bosses, multi-tasking, system improvement, meditation, and addiction. MedPEP is brought to you by Physician Health Services (PHS), an organization founded by the MMS.

Bedside Rounds - Fascinating clinical stories 

Narrative medicine rounds from Columbia University 

The Doctor Paradox is a podcast series addressing “why despite having incredibly meaningful jobs, doctors are increasingly unhappy in their work” 


Ted Talks and Lectures



Recommended Books

The Thriving Physician: How to Avoid Burnout by Choosing Resilience Throughout Your Medical Career

Author: Gary R. Simonds and Wayne M. Sotile

About: This 'survival guide for the psyche' is packed with insights and strategies to help you build the resilience you need to succeed and grow, both personally and professionally, in

The Resilient Physician

Author: Wayne Sotile, MD and Mary Sotile

About: Husband and wife team explore factors leading to physician burnout and developing resilience over a lifetime of medical practice.

What Doctor’s Feel How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine

Author: Danielle Ofri, MD

About: Practicing internist and writer Dr. Ofri writes about how the hidden emotional responses  of physicians affect patients

Stop Physician Burnout-what to do when working harder … isn’t working

Author: Dike Drummond, MD

About: Book by Dike Drummond, CEO of former family practice physician who uses his burnout experience to prevent burnout and build physician leadership

Organizational Climate, Stress, and Error in Primary Care: The MEMO Study - 

About:A study of the impact of organization stress on physicians and patients by a research group including leading burnout researcher Mark Linzer. Shows that physician stress is prevalent in primary care; stress and the likelihood of making errors are associated with organizational climate and office environment and thus interventions may help.